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About Action Surveillance & CCTV Ltd

A company with a wealth of experience, Action Surveillance and CCTV Ltd is a progressive forward thinking company with specialist knowledge in advanced digital surveillance and home securities.

Action Surveillance and CCTV Ltd is a cutting edge organisation that provides the highest level of Investigatory and installation services. Combined with the latest technology our CCTV engineers and professional witnesses have the means and equipment to combat nearly any situation.

As a company we have a number of successful cases behind us and our reputation for working and evidence gathering is unique.

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Security cameras are excellent deterrents for many domestic and small businesses. Here at Action Surveillance and CCTV Ltd we are able to provide cost effective Digital Technology Systems from single camera units to multi-site systems.


Home burglary can happen in any neighbourhood. Statistics show homes without some sort of security systems are about 3 times more likely to be broken into than homes with security systems. Many home owners don’t realize how vulnerable they are in their own home until it’s too late.


Over the years we have experienced that covert hidden camera & audio surveillance is a convenient and cost effective way to monitor and primarily gain essential evidence of a suspected criminal carrying out a criminal.


Action Surveillance and CCTV Ltd are a cutting edge organisation that provides the highest level of Investigation services. Combined with the latest technology our CCTV specialists and professional witnesses have the means and equipment to combat almost any situation.


A new version of our best tracking device is the ASCmk01, which now uses a high capacity Lithium battery, greatly extending its operating time. When battery life is critical this is the tracker you need, offering over 4 weeks battery life The unit is sealed in a hard case IP66 waterproof cartridge and with high power neo magnets to ensure the tracker stays put when in position.


We are very mindful that many companies take the money but don’t provide the aftercare service that they promise and can sometimes be a nightmare to get hold of! At ASC we are very proud to carry out our promise by fulfilling what we agree with you in the maintenance contract.

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  • Local Authorities
  • Corporate Bodies
  • Insurance Companies
  • The Legal Profession
  • Private Clients
  • Small/Medium Enterprise Businesses (SME’s)
  • House Owners

Our professional witness service is second to none. We have highly skilled operators that are trained surveillance investigators and covert CCTV Installers who have experience in all fields of surveillance and technical deployment.

We offer a 24 hour service, with our team ready to be deployed within 12 hours of the initial contact. We specialise in mobile and foot surveillance follows, Investigations, observation posts (rural and urban), covert equipment, CCTV installations, asset recovery and vehicle tracking.

Action Surveillance and CCTV Ltd operators are well up to speed with the Human Rights Act, Data Protection Act and RIPA (Regulation of Investigative Powers Act).

Your initial consultation is always free of charge so If you feel that you have an issue that we can possibly help you with or a claimant/ employee making a claim that you are unsure of please feel free to contact one of our team for instant advice on 01269 842394

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